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Basically Kim Jongin.

Kim Jongin is the name. He was born at the very first month of the year, January, the most lovely day, 14, and the dog year of Chinese, 1994. He has two older sisters. The oldest one is 9 years older than him, while the number two sister is 5 years older than him….



Yuna’s cyworld entries from junior days:

둘이서 오붓하게 찍으려고 했더니만 안 도와주네 이거 ㅠㅠ”
" I wanted to take a picture with just the two of us…not helping TT" 2nd pic

" Mom made too much curry so we I sent some to Mao.
Korean pancakes as well. Mao liked the pancakes alot more.
As thanks, Mao gave us corn on cobs and japanese sodas~…
Mao said she is leaving tomorrow. So as a souvenir (picture) ^^
어제 카레를 너무많이해서
마오네를 갖다줬다ㅋㅋ 보너스로 기무치지짐이(?)도..ㅋㅋ
(카레보단 지짐이에 더욱더 흥분함ㅋ)
보답으로 옥수수랑 음료수도 받고~
내일간다니깐 마지막기념으로^^

" I had to leave early for the airport for flight back to Korea. It was really early in the morning. I thought everyone would be asleep. When mom and I were in the lobby I saw Mao and Kozuka running to look for me. They asked if I was leaving already. Mao was teary and it made me too. We said bye to each other."

Yuna’s mom’s biography novel
” Because Mao’s mother and I have grown a friendship during our children’s junior years, I have a soft spot for the sweet girl on and off ice. “

thought it’d be nice to share this since the two girls are both retiring. :)

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Mao ơi :( Best of best :(


The most inspiring skate of the night.


1. luhan comforting yixing as he cries

2. taemin taking pictures of jongin as he cries

100 things i love about lee jinki
     ↳60; neck veins


JUMP x Ryutaro // Once a friend, always a friend 

"I don't wanna conquer anything! Its just that the person with most freedom on the sea, is the Pirate King!"
— Luffy to Rayleigh